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A Touch Of Forever®...


A Touch of Forever® Combo Pak offers an perfect presentation to the scope of our item line. You’ll get a incredible blend of individual care items as well as nutritionals for an unimaginable assortment at a incredible esteem.

There’s a part to think around when it comes to beginning a commerce, and our Touch of Forever® Combo Pak is planned to supply
to provide you with everything you would like to urge going in one box.

You’ll get a awesome blend of individual care items as well as nourishment for an mind blowing assortment at extraordinary esteem. You’ll utilize the items, offer them or have a introduction for potential group individuals. Touch of Forever® gives you all the devices to grandstand the leading of Until the end of time over all our item lines.

In addition to the amazing variety of products included with this pack, you’ll also get a pack of 10 product brochures, a pack of 25 Why Forever brochures, and ten aloe brochures to put you on the path toward achieving your business goals.

What’s included?
715 – Aloe Vera Gel (2)
284 – Aloe Avocado Face & Body Soap (1)
610 – Forever Pro-B (1)
022 – Aloe Lips (4)
028 – Forever Bright (4)
734 – Aloe Berry Nectar (1)
777 – Aloe Peaches (1)
633 – Aloe Liquid Soap (2)
063 – Aloe Moisturizing Lotion (2)
051 – Aloe Propolis Creme (2)
061 – Aloe Vera Gelly (2)
064 – Aloe Heat Lotion (2)
067 – Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant (2)
504 – ARGI+ (1)
376 – Forever Arctic Sea (1)
640 – Aloe Jojoba Shampoo (2)
641 – Aloe Jojoba Conditioner (2)

Product Brochure pack of 10 (1)
Why Forever Brochure pack of 25 (1)
Aloe Brochure pack of 10 (1)


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