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Delivery Proof

Are You Buying Genuine Products Of Forever?

How can you be sure that you are purchasing a product from a genuine Forever Business Owner (FBO)?

Offline: While purchasing a product, ask the individual who provides you with the product for their FBO ID# card. Ensure that the FBO offers you an invoice or a cash memo for your purchases. All purchases that hold the 12-digit FBO ID, a valid cash memo, and an un-tampered product label will be treated as a genuine sale.
Online: You will receive an email from the company with the Company logo, your Aloe Store Order Details, and a 12-digit FBO ID#. This ensures that your online purchase is genuine.

Did I purchase an FLP product from the website? Is it genuine? What is the guarantee of that product?

Online selling on a website other than the company’s official website is NOT endorsed, neither promoted nor approved by the Company, Products of Forever Living can only be bought through an authorized FBO of the company or directly from the company either through the offices across India or through the ‘Aloe Store’ which is accessed only through the company website or through emails addressed to the company’s order processing team. 
FLP CAN NOT and will NOT guarantee the quality, shelf life, or authenticity of the product if
purchased from any 3rd party online selling websites. Moreover, FLP cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to the consumption or application of the products purchased through these online portals.

Did I purchase a product from a medical/general store? Is it a genuine product?

Products purchased through a registered Forever Business Owner with a 12-digit FBO ID#, or directly through the company offices can be deemed as genuine. Any
products purchased from any other medium cannot be considered as genuine.
I purchased a product, but I noticed that the MRP label is damaged? Is it safe?

Don’t put your health and money at stake!

Are You Buying Genuine Products Of Forever

How can I be sure that the products I have bought are genuine and from the company?

Look out for the following to ensure that you have bought genuine products from the company – 
1. See company branding on the box.
2. Original bill from the company inside the box with the company logo. Billing in India is done by ” FLP TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED. “
3. All products have company barcodes. No barcodes tamper.
4. Ask your distributor for 12 digit FBO ID.